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From October 1st – January 8th, please join us and help Habitat for Humanity Anchorage build houses, build hope and change lives.

Our impact since 1992


108 affordable housing

units built or renovated in Anchorage


over 100 families

achieved homeownership and now live in stable housing


over 50,000 volunteers

mobilized to build or improve homes for local families

About the campaign

Habitat for Humanity Anchorage is thrilled to introduce to you the 1000 Women Strong campaign, which driven by a dynamic and socially responsible group of women to ensure decent housing is accessible for families who are struggling to make it. This is a 100 day, peer-to-peer campaign where we partner with donors, fellow faith-organizations and businesses in our community to fundraise for future Habitat for Humanity housing projects in Anchorage.


Because the housing poverty challenge is so large, no single organization can solve it, but we can do our best to bring our community together to provide a hand up and open the doors to new opportunities for families struggling with housing. This is why we need your help as a donor or a volunteer to ensure that Habitat for Humanity continues to be part of the solution when addressing housing poverty in Anchorage.

This campaign is not exclusive; we want everyone to join in building up the women in this community to see their strength, values, and passion. In the next 100 days, we invite women, female-owned/lead businesses, groups of friends, families, co-workers, and the men who love and support the women in their lives to join this campaign to support the important work Habitat for Humanity Anchorage is preparing to achieve in the coming years.

What your support will impact


invest in new construction

housing projects. Habitat Anchorage plans to build 2 new affordable housing units by 2023


revitalize neighborhoods

through supporting our new Repair Program. Habitat Anchorage is expanding our services to repair 3 owner-occupied homes by 2023