From October 1st – January 8th, please join us and help Habitat for Humanity Anchorage build houses, build hope and change lives.

Our impact since 1992


108 affordable housing

units built or renovated in Anchorage


over 100 families

achieved homeownership and now live in stable housing


over 50,000 volunteers

mobilized to build or improve homes for local families

About the campaign

Habitat for Humanity Anchorage is thrilled to introduce to you the 1000 Women Strong campaign, which driven by a dynamic and socially responsible group of women to ensure decent housing is accessible for families who are struggling to make it. This is a 100 day, peer-to-peer campaign where we partner with donors, fellow faith-organizations and businesses in our community to fundraise for future Habitat for Humanity housing projects in Anchorage.


Because the housing poverty challenge is so large, no single organization can solve it, but we can do our best to bring our community together to provide a hand up and open the doors to new opportunities for families struggling with housing. This is why we need your help as a donor or a volunteer to ensure that Habitat for Humanity continues to be part of the solution when addressing housing poverty in Anchorage.

This campaign is not exclusive; we want everyone to join in building up the women in this community to see their strength, values, and passion. In the next 100 days, we invite women, female-owned/lead businesses, groups of friends, families, co-workers, and the men who love and support the women in their lives to join this campaign to support the important work Habitat for Humanity Anchorage is preparing to achieve in the coming years.

What your support will impact


invest in new construction

housing projects. Habitat Anchorage plans to build 2 new affordable housing units by 2022

revitalize neighborhoods

through supporting our new Repair Program. Habitat Anchorage is expanding our services to repair 3 owner-occupied homes by 2021

Featured story: "This is my house"

If I hadn't found Habitat, we would still be in that one-bedroom apartment. And it wasn't the best of conditions. There was an old electric stove, and depending on what you were doing, you'd get shocked. The dryer was always going out, and we had to hang clothes all over the house. It seemed really quiet when we were looking for a place, but then over time, there was a lot of violence. There was actually a homicide in our building. It's those things that put a lot of stress on people, and we were definitely feeling that.

I didn't think I was going to qualify. But they considered that a need: four people in one bedroom, having the issues that we were having. I had no idea that I was capable of doing a lot of the things that we ended up doing. I loved it. For almost a year, I was working seven days a week, plus doing sweat equity. Depending on my shifts, I would work a morning shift, then go to the Habitat ReStore and work an evening shift there. Monday through Friday, I took Habitat classes in the evening, and I put in my construction hours on the weekends, every Saturday if possible. While constructing the house, I got to know my neighbors. We built each other's homes, and you can't get much closer than that.

The biggest difference overall is that general sense of security. Just knowing that it's ours, and we make all the decisions - it's been really comforting for our family. I think the kids knowing that they won't have to move is very comforting. We've made a lot of moves over the years - 13, in fact.

I know my son really appreciates having his room. Having his place, his own room - he really likes it a lot. He's trying to convince me to turn the basement into a room, which I don't know if I'm keen on yet. But it's definitely a possibility. Just knowing that we have possibilities, it's really awesome.

You know, I think I was more scared of buying a car than buying a house. And the only reason for that was Habitat forHumanity. I feel really comforted knowing that, if anything were to happen, Habitat would work with me. So I didn't feel scared, just willing.

When I went to sign all of the official paperwork, and they hand you the real keys and the title and everything, that;s when I was like, This is happening. This is now my house, and these are my keys." We moved in right away, that next weekend, even with boxes all over the place it felt like, "This is my house."   ~ Lyndsay, Habitat homeowner

Your support - $20 a month or any amount you can afford - helps a mother like Lyndsay build a decent place to call home. Give today!

Getting started - create a fundraiser

express your "why" and share your fundraising page

By creating a fundraiser during this campaign, you are helping Habitat for Humanity Anchorage build strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter. When you set up your fundraising page as an individual or as a team, write a compelling story of why you are fundraising on behalf of Habitat for Humanity. Remember to include a photo or a video! And share it on your social media or email to friends and family. If you need photos, click here.

Let's fundraise together - set your goals

pick your impact

100% of the donations raised in your campaign will go directly to Habitat for Humanity programs - every dollar raised is meaningful. Create a fundraiser as an individual or as a team and set your goal. Here are some general Habitat program costs to help you set your fundraising goal:

Case of Caulking

Donate a case of caulking for $25

Doing the Dishes
Kitchen Sink

Donate a kitchen sink for $150

Bathroom Sinks
Bathroom Sink

Donate a bathroom sink for $50

Bathroom Tiles

Donate a toilet for $100


Donate a window for $200

Water Heater

Donate a water heater for $500

Tools to add to your fundraising page - resources

photos and videos

Here is a collection of photos and videos for you to download and share on your pages.

Thank you for joining us in our mission to provide affordable housing for all! With your support, Habitat for Humanity is reshaping the landscape of housing in Anchorage, one house at a time.


Are you inspired to get involved with Habitat?


Make a donation or create a fundraiser 


USGA-15-10012-JA_441189 (1).jpg

Together, we empower through shelter!

Here are some ideas to make your fundraiser interactive

fundraiser ideas

In the world we live in today, we miss our friends and family. Here are a few ideas to bring your loved ones together virtually for fundraising:

special occasions

Ask wedding guests  to donate to your campaign in lieu of gifts

Annotation 2020-09-22 114803.png
Annotation 2020-09-22 114804.png


Race, bike, or run to support your campaign. Ask for donations per mile or to donate per race

Annotation 2020-09-22 114802.png


Host a paint night or get imaginative and create your own art show for your campaign

Annotation 2020-09-22 114805.png


Very popular trend right now. Instead of receiving gifts, ask family and friends to give to your campaign instead

season of giving

Everyone is in the giving spirit during the holidays. Fundraise with us during the holidays by creating your own campaign


online auction

Great opportunity for a business to sell their goods and make a donation to the campaign

workplace raffle

Hold a raffle for everyone who participates (prime parking, days off, skip a meeting, gift cards, etc.)

Annotation 2020-09-22 114808.png

dinner parties

Suggest a dinner everyone can cook, invite them to dress up, and join for a virtual dinner party and make your ask

Annotation 2020-09-22 114809.png
Annotation 2020-09-22 114810.png

board game tournament

Get your competitive juices flowing by hosting a virtual game tournament or host a game night at your house with your social bubble


about us

Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that helps families build and improve places to call home. We believe affordable housing plays a critical role in strong and stable communities.


Our goal is to raise $100,000 in 100 days with 1000 women (and men)


how we

got started

It all started in 2008 when a small group of women had a similar passion for humanity and wanted to provide families a safe place to call home. The 100 Women House was born.

CP Volunteer Day at Lane 9.14.17 - 3.jpg
conocophillips alaska logo.png


Helping improve the quality of life in the communities where we live and work is a fundamental value for ConocoPhillips Alaska (COPA) and our employees. COPA does that by funding worthy causes, and by lending a helping hand where it's needed most. Since 2000, we’ve donated nearly $127 million in support of social services, education, civic, arts, environmental and health, and safety initiatives statewide.​​


Habitat for Humanity – Anchorage has a mission to build houses, build hope, and change lives. They offer social service support building and renovating affordable homes.


COPA’s support for social services organizations comprises approximately one-quarter of the company’s community investment contributions. COPA has been a community investor in Habitat for Humanity – Anchorage since the early 1990s. In that time, COPA has awarded funds for major projects including Energy Partnership Homes, purchase of a construction trailer, and various fundraiser engagements including Built It Breakfast, Cork and Fork, Gingerbread Showcase, and the annual 1,000 Women Strong Campaign. COPA has also had the opportunity to provide surplus donation items including doors and computers.


Further, a number of COPA employees have volunteered with Habitat, serving on the board of directors or as a collaborative team to assist in building homes. Many COPA employees make personal financial contributions that have been matched by the company.


The legacy of giving from COPA to Habitat culminates in the recent 2020 grant awards to support the 1,000 Women Strong Campaign, the purchase of a new construction truck, as well as an expansion -  the “Make- It” Classroom in the Re-Store facility. Regular communication between COPA and Habitat regarding projects that will help make the organization successful, impactful in the community, and sustainable, led to the understanding that these efforts will provide much opportunity in the coming years.