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Gingerbead Showcase

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A gingerbread house competition for

amateur, professional, and youth bakers

Official 2020 Rules and Entry Information

The Gingerbread Showcase is adapting to the times for this year's holiday season with everyone's safety in mind. The competition is adding a new virtual component and the creations will be on display in the storefront window at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, November 21-22, 2020 located at 1200 W. Northern Lights Blvd. Due to the restrictions surrounding COVID-19, Habitat for Humanity Anchorage is adding new engaging experiences in place of physical display, including socially distanced alternatives for ReStore patrons and fans at home to view the gingerbread creations.

A group of food, arts, and media professionals will formally judge the Gingerbread creations both virtually and in-person. Additionally, Habitat for Humanity Anchorage will release a Digital Gingerbread Tool Kit including tips and tricks on how to digitally showcase their creations as well as the rules for entry in the new competition format.

Due to social distancing requirements, the format of the 2020 competition has been updated to comply with CDC and Alaska state guidelines. We will not have all of the competitors physically gather at the ReStore and therefore judging will take place in two rounds:

New Judging Procedure

Round 1

Judging will be conducted virtually. To make this possible, entry requirements have been changed to include competitors created Entry Photo + Video Content. This content will be just as important as the detail and construction of your entry; this content is the only competitor material that the judges will have on which to base their initial critiques. At the end of Round 1, the judges will have determined the Top 3 finalists from each age category. Everyone will still be required to bring their creation to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore by 6:00pm on November 20, 2020, for Round 2 of judging that will take place on Sunday, November 22.

Round 2

A limited and socially distanced representation from the panel of judges will be physically at the ReStore to enforce competition rules and see details in-person. After round 2 of judging is complete, the Top 3 in each age category and the People's Choice winner will be determined but not yet announced.

People's Choice

With keeping traditional alive, the People's Choice award has been the award that the competitors want to win. For patrons at the ReStore, they will have a chance to make a donation by casting their vote for their favorite creation. All donations received from this event, virtually or in-person, help fund future Habitat for Humanity housing projects. Your donations are needed more than ever to ensure that Habitat for Humanity continues to build affordable housing for families in need.

New Winner Announcement Format

As a way to share Gingerbread with our community, the Gingerbread Showcase is moving to establish a new tradition by introducing the 12 Days of Gingerbread. This series will showcase one Top 3 winner per day, giving these competitors their moment to shine in lieu of a physical display and awards ceremony. Winners will be released on Facebook, December 1-12th with the 12th day announcing the People's Choice winner. This new tradition will allow competitors and fans to celebrate the 2020 winners together and keep the community feeling connected while apart.

New Entry Process

Step 1     

Step 2

Step 3

Complete entry form available starting September 11, 2020. Each participant will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to submit Entry Photo + Video Content.

Submit all entry forms by October 30. Digital Entry Content will be due November 18 for virtual judging to occur. Then the creations will be delivered to the ReStore on Friday, November 20 by 6:00pm for public display and in-person judging.

Competition Entry

The official 2020 rules and Entry Form

Gingerbread Man - Purchased M.png
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