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Everyone deserves a
decent, affordable place
to call home

Everyone deserves a
decent, affordable place
to call home

Home is the foundation of a better life, a healthy family, and a strong community. Habitat for Humanity Anchorage provides a hand-up (not a hand-out) to families struggling to attain safe, stable, and affordable housing. At the end of the process, Habitat homeowners not only gain a home, they gain the strength, stability, and self-reliance that homeownership provides.

... be a resident


Applicants must live or work in Anchorage, be a permanent, legal resident of the US, and live in the home they purchase.

... pay an affordable mortage


Habitat mortgages are less than 30% of homeowners' monthly income. Applicants must

show a regular income and financial responsibility.

Who qualifies for the program?
Every Habitat homeowner must:

... show a need

Applicants show that they have a current need for better housing: lack of space, rent over 50% of the family’s income, unsafe living conditions, etc.

... volunteer with us


All homeowners complete 250-600 hours of sweat equity per adult -- at the ReStore or the construction site -- as part of the down payment on their home. 


First steps toward
Habitat homeownership

Official applications are only accepted during open application periods when a home is ready to be built or purchased. If you believe you meet the basic eligibility requirements, we ask you to take the following steps:

  1. Sign up for and information Session or Watch our 30-minute video about Habitat for Humanity and how to apply to become a homebuyer. (Details coming soon!)

  2. Complete the Interest Form online or print and submit to the Family Services Manager.

  3. You will be added to our interest list and will be among the first to receive an application packet and notified when an open application period begins.

  4. During an open application period, submit a completed application and all required supporting documentation to the Family Services Manager.

  5. HFHA will evaluate all applications for eligibility for the home buyer program. Qualified applicants will be presented to the board of directors for approval to the program.

How to apply:

Every year, traditionally in the Spring, we host a series of Information Sessions where potential homebuyers learn about our program and apply for homeownership. All Information Sessions are free to attend and you will have a chance to see what homes are available for purchase.


In order to qualify for homeownership through Habitat for Humanity, all applicants are required to attend one Information Session.

If you are interested in this program, please register on the interest form and we will contact you by e-mail when the homeowner information session is scheduled.

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